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A photo tells a thousand stories and what an eye captures via a camera captures the mind! Photos have a unique way of telling it's own tales.At photo world we share and update the best tales.You can also share your Photo tales here by sumbitting to our Gallery and we will let the world see what your story is about. Click Now and upload !

  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Mars is Happening !
  • Republic Day
  • In Rome do as the Romans do !
  • Pretty Preity
  • Brick by brick
  • Nature it is !
  • Hanging Out !
  • Beauty

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  • Pretty Zoe and Power duo Strings have launched a new video and that is making rounds goes without a saying . Hats off to collaborations.Keep that up folks!   more ...


  • Gohar Mumtaz , formerly of pop band Jal is all set to cut a solo album.Goharians will be eating their hearts out to the mushy tracks featured on his catalogue ,Coming Soon !   more ...


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