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AAG TV is the only youth channel in Pakistan with a widespread network that stretches its' transmission all across Pakistan, UK, Europe and North America.

In September 2006, GEO TV Network took the initiate to empower, encourage and educate the youth of Pakistan under the umbrella of AAG TV. The sole objective of the channel is to serve as a strong pedestal to unify and empower the youth and bring their qualities and skills forward to the world. All campaigns and programs on AAG TV are strategically designed to provide a perfect blend of entertainment with education and awareness with motivation for the youth.
AAG's logo represents its philosophy. Hence, AAG gives Light to illuminate, Warmth
to invigorate, Energy to rebel, Passion to energize, Creativity to stand out and Dreams
to dare.
The youth at AAG carries out a variety of exciting shows, may it be plain talk
shows and debates discussing everything on the globe or music shows to keep
its viewers' up-to-date with the latest music, programs on AAG completely cater
the requirements and needs of its youth, dwelling itself to be an essential part of
their lives.
AAG Team comprises of young, enthusiastic, dynamic and highly professional individuals that work together in providing the best quality programming to its' viewers.

The team consists of producers, directors, graphic designers, animators, web, social media experts, concept/script writers, marketing executives, product development, data analysts, researchers and multiple talented individuals that serve their expertise in the smooth running of the channel.

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