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Amidst thousands of languages spoken in the world, Punjaagi is the wittiest and most unique. It is a blend of English, Urdu and Punjaabi with a huge emphasis on its' pun part! In Punjaagi Totay, you get to see clips of celebrities from politics, sports, music and films , all dubbed in Punjaagi!

Punjaagi Totay brings you the whole world with a desi hysterical twist by some of the finest and funniest voice over artists. They are so humorous that you can have tummy aches and may need stitches!
To watch Punjaagi Totay right click on the name below and click "Save target As".
Bakra Mandi Javeed
Balri Main Nahi Jana
Bhoot Mr.Incredible
Bond 007 Scary Movie
Bush Sharek
Cricket Sherk
Fluet Sholay Part 1
Imran Khan Sholay Part 2
20-20 World Cup Punjaagi - 01 20-20 World Cup Punjaagi - 02
20-20 World Cup Punjaagi - 03 20-20 World Cup Punjaagi - 04
IPL - 01 IPL - 02
IPL - 03 Movie Punjaagi - 01
Movie Punjaagi - 02 Madagascar Punjaagi - 01
Madagascar Punjaagi - 02 Movie Punjaagi - 03
Movie Punjaagi - 04 Movie Punjaagi - 05
Happy Feet Punjaagi - 01 Happy Feet Punjaagi - 02
Happy Feet Punjaagi - 03 Happy Feet Punjaagi - 04

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